Beale’s Brewery & BBQ 2018-05-12T07:31:21+00:00

Project Description

This adaptive reuse project involved the conversion of a furniture factory for use as a brewery and barbeque restaurant. Our services included field measuring, documentation of the existing conditions, coordination of structural work, bringing the building up to code, submitting plans to the Department of Historic Resources (DHR), and assembling a permit set of the new design.

In adherence to DHR’s intensive requirements, exterior work was limited to minor structural repair and restoration. The addition of the new stairs and ramp created a more visible entrance. A portion of the lot was converted into a gravel patio area.

The restoration of the floor, walls, windows, ceiling, clerestory, and lights were required to achieve the new vision for the interior.  With a three foot difference in height between the front entrance and the main floor, guests are greeted with a grandiose view of the front area’s taproom bar and seating area. Off to the side is the commercial kitchen, which leads to the patio. The rear of the main floor houses brewing equipment, a cold room, the laboratory, offices, and storage areas.

Beale’s Brewery & BBQ has already become a hub for locals and visitors, boosting the revitalization of the small town of Bedford.