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Project Description

A new free standing 9,000 square foot children’s daycare facility in the West Broad Village development of Richmond. Children of America, a national company, hired Cornerstone to design a shell that fit their prototypical interior, designed to licensing standards. With the development’s architectural covenants, our challenge was to fit the Children of America brand into the West Broad Village style.

Having a high-profile location at the terminus of the development’s main street, our design attempted to echo the archetypal old-world village schoolhouse. Iconic details designed into the project include a flagpole and an authentic bell tower. Mechanical units were hidden in a tub roof. Low maintenance exterior materials were used. Necessary fire exits and safety fencing were incorporated. The final design was loved by the tenant, stayed within the landlord’s budget, and was an appropriate, well-received addition to the West Broad Village development.