Market Sectors

adaptive reuse

Everything old can be made new again. Historical restorations are an important part of our daily jobs and responsibility as an architectural firm. In all our restoration projects we strive to give a nod to the past while envisioning the future.


A niche within healthcare, our behavioral clients are often looking for a lighter, homey touch. Cornerstone has years of experience in creating spaces that carry the perfect balance between clinical and approachable.

office icon

We are well-versed in optimizing commercial and corporate spaces. If you’re looking to build your business from the ground up, or renovate your existing space, we’ll make your vision for your unique workspace come to life. 


Few understand the impact good design can have in the healthcare industry, and fewer can handle the technical minutia involved in designing these critical spaces. Our combined experience in healthcare allow us to create patient centric designs that are also help increase staff productivity.

higher education icon

It’s important to maintain updated spaces when educating the minds that will shape our future. Our well-thought out design principles allows us to give our higher education clients a finished product that inspires learning. 


An industrial space if focused on efficiency of the workflow. We understand the technical nuances that are involved when making considerations that will directly affect how business is conducted, and we work alongside our clients to ensure we stay true to their vision.

The foundation of a successful retail space relies on a comprehensible floor plan and layout. At Cornerstone, we provide services to help you achieve a unique experience and design that matches your brand.


There are many considerations when designing a space that is welcoming and reassuring for pet-owners, and pets, of all kinds. Whether it’s renovating a spot, or creating something from scratch, we can assure you that the final product will be a practice that allows you to work efficiently.