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adaptive reuse

Everything old can be made new again. As with any other endeavor, a lot comes down to the designer’s ability to recognize a client’s vision and weigh it against the realities of achieving the tax credits and profitability goals a project requires.  In all our restoration projects we strive to give a nod to the past while turning a client’s vision of the future into reality. 



Behavioral health, an often overlooked but growing segment of the healthcare industry, has become one of the core aptitudes of our firm. There are many inherent challenges when dealing with acute patient populations, including those being treated for substance abuse problems or admitted involuntarily.

The comfort and successful outcome of those patients are our top concern, and we strive to provide a balance between therapeutic and secure design solutions. 

office icon

We are well-versed in optimizing commercial and corporate spaces. If you’re looking to build your business from the ground up, or renovate your existing space, we’ll make your vision for a unique workspace come to life. 


Few understand the impact of good design on the outcome of your patient’s like we can.  Our 27+ years of healthcare experience, bridging all types of specialities and covering projects of all scales, have turned us into one of the most sought-after healthcare design companies in the mid-atlantic. 

higher education icon

We fully appreciate the fact that a lot goes into educating than just the spaces occupied by students. Our specialty in this segment has continually been to help behind the scenes to create facilities that are capable of handling the unique pressures today’s modern campus. 


An industrial space is focused on workflow efficiency. We understand the technical nuances that are involved when making considerations that will directly affect how business is conducted, and we work alongside our clients to ensure we stay true to their business plan. 


Online retail has changed the meaning and expectations of the traditional shopping experience. The success of a modern retail space relies on a comprehensible floor plan and layout that optimizes the in-store experience. We provide all the services to help you achieve a unique experience and design that matches your brand.



We specialize in creating welcoming and reassuring spaces for pet-owners and pets of all kinds. Our award-winning designs prove that we are amongst the leaders in veterinary architectural design services.