MSiC Summer Regional Governor’s School 2017

Cornerstone was very excited to welcome back the architecture students of Richmond’s MathScience Innovation Center Summer Regional Governor’s School.  Thirty students were selected among many other gifted applicants across our region to participate.  The course is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in building or design.  Instructors Dawn Burriesci and Bryan Wallace teach basic information about architecture and facilitate their exploration of the various aspects of design through field trips and tours.

The course centers around a collaborative project in which each budding architect’s conception comes together to form a larger community. Together they’ll decide what’s needed/desired by their citizens/visitors and how to divvy up the work. Each student will produce a  modeled building/lot, built to 1/4″:1′ scale, complete with interior and exterior plans of the space, as well as a conceptual design board.  All of which they’ll present to parents and guests on their final day.

During their visit, Christian toured the students through our office and studio spaces.  After the tour, our designers discussed topics that might help the students’ project goals.  Johanna and Kyle focused on implementation of a design using plans, sections, elevations, and perspectives, as well as the drawing process.  Erik discussed the concepts and methods of design, finding the “Big Idea,” space planning, career options in the field of design, and the integration of sustainable design.

Dawn recently emailed us with the students’ results:

“This year the group collaborated to make a lake-centered community, assembled by combining their individually designed buildings on lots they envisioned.  The lots consisted of ample sidewalks for pedestrians, bikes, skaters, and the like.  The community has a bullet-train station on its outskirts for coming to or leaving town.  They elected to name their community Lakeside City and worked to sketch, draft floor plans and elevations in the same 1/4″=1′ scale and create models complete with landscaping. Having discussed the needs and wants of each other, the students designed spaces that would appeal to themselves, the clients, while subject to (a sample of) building codes and considerate of “green elements” (proposed sustainable building materials to be used, as well as the energy, water, and waste processes selected). After adding their landscape and rooftops (removable to view floors), they presented their Lakeside City vision by the six zones they represented (public, private, entertainment, restaurants, retail and residential). In hearing their highlights as each spoke, it was clear to see and hear that their work was enriched by the ideas and information gleaned in their trip to Cornerstone. Thanks so very much!”

That’s very awesome to hear…well done, Students!


For more information on the Summer Regional Governor’s School, visit the MathScience Innovation Center website:

or the Virginia Department of Education website:

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