Beale’s Brewery & BBQ

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This adaptive reuse project involved the conversion of a furniture factory for use as a brewery and barbeque restaurant. Our services included field measuring, documentation of the existing conditions, coordination of structural work, bringing the building up to code, submitting plans to the Department of Historic Resources (DHR), and assembling a permit set of the [...]

The Belvidere at Broad

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We were approached to create a local bar and restaurant with a "classic, upscale" feel.  Working with a limited budget and footprint in a gentrifying area, a successful balance was struck between gastronomic exclusivity and an appropriate low-key feel.

The Wine Loft


Architectural and interior design for tenant improvements to a 2,770 square foot warm shell for a wine bar and light fare restaurant located in West Broad Village, Glen Allen, Virginia.  The Wine Loft is an exciting and sophisticated wine bar, who’s atmosphere is upscale yet relaxed, and rhythmic yet soothing.

Popkin Tavern

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Located on the southeast corner of Jefferson and Broad Streets, yeilding three sides of windows, Popkin Furniture made for an ideal adaptive reuse project.  Cornerstone Architects developed a boutique bar and grill themed restaurant.  The upper floors, once furniture showrooms and storage, were converted to apartments.  As a Historic Preservation project, we received a great deal [...]

Children of America Daycare

A new free standing 9,000 square foot children's daycare facility in the West Broad Village development of Richmond. Children of America, a national company, hired Cornerstone to design a shell that fit their prototypical interior, designed to licensing standards. With the development’s architectural covenants, our challenge was to fit the Children of America brand into [...]