Amanda Monger Joins Partnership

Portrait of Amanda Monger on a red background with the headline: "Full Circle: A Q&A with Cornerstone's New Partner Amanda Monger"

Amanda once thought success was a straight path. But a career-defining decision changed all that.

We are thrilled to announce that Amanda Monger, CID joins the partnership at Cornerstone. Amanda’s 14-year career at Cornerstone has taken her from Interior Designer to Director of Design to Head of Business Development. Her determined work ethic shines through in all aspects of her work, from reviewing a final design to talking with a prospective client. Now in her new role as Principal, Amanda looks forward to participating in the company’s big-picture planning and contributing to Cornerstone’s direction and vision.

In honor of Amanda and her successful career, and to celebrate this momentous announcement, we sat down with our new partner for a special “Q&A(manda)” to reveal how her story came full circle.

Q: When did you first come to Cornerstone?

Amanda: Cornerstone hired me after graduating from Eastern Michigan University in 2000 with a BS in Interior Design. The company owners tasked me with creating and managing a new Interior Design Studio to help the firm expand its services. At that time, Cornerstone specialized in Healthcare Architecture, and I was thrilled to work for a company that used design to help others in a technical and challenging area of work. Having just lost my mom to cancer the prior year, it seemed like the place I needed to be.

Q: Your resume shows you left Cornerstone for a while and then came back. Can you tell us more about that?

Amanda: Yes, after several years of working and learning at Cornerstone, I felt it was time to spread my wings and gain more experience in the RVA design world. I tried on many types and sizes of firms, worked on everything from commercial design to larger hospital projects, and even started my own design firm. But after my second child, I found it hard being constantly pulled in two directions. It was important to me to continue building my career and also spend more time with my family. After some thought, I realized I might already know a place where I could find the balance I needed, and in 2012 I decided to return to my roots at Cornerstone. They welcomed me back without hesitation, and I was able to negotiate a more flexible work schedule that accommodated both my family’s needs and my desires. It was definitely a full-circle moment for me.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working at Cornerstone?

Amanda: I love that over the 14 years I’ve worked here, even though my roles have changed, the company’s core values have not. We have always been the problem solvers for our clients who also care about the well-being of our employees.

Q: What are your goals in your new role as Principal?

Amanda: My goals as a leader in this company are to further strengthen my connection to staff, support and grow our skills and resources, provide excellence in service, and continue to advocate for women in the workplace.

Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Amanda: Last year, I tasked myself with honing in on my definition of fun. One of my discoveries led me back to an old love for tennis. I have enjoyed playing with my two girls and husband, and also new friends on the court. You can also find me knee-deep in audiobooks and spending time in nature with my friends.