AMF Office
AMF Office
AMF Office
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AMF Bakery Systems
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About This Project

Challenge: AMF Bakery Systems approached Cornerstone for a new design plan for their Corporate Headquarters C-Suite offices. The 2nd-floor space had undergone only minor renovations since its original construction in 1950, providing us with a great opportunity for an impactful redesign.

Client Ask: Their vision was big and bold. They wanted a design that reflected their contemporary industrial side, incorporated their bold red logo to make the branding to be apparent, and still maintained the professional look of a C-suite.

Our Solution: As soon as you step foot on the second floor C-Suite of AMF, you will notice an intense difference.  During construction, the wall around the stairwell has come down and now opens to a spacious reception area, with sleek glass walls leading into the boardroom and bold red circular accent lighting.  We removed the straight hallway connecting the stairs and incorporated curved walls along the front of the offices, which allows for a more natural path-like travel.  We also added plenty of glass where we could for the private offices, to allow the natural light to soak into the middle of the space.