Beale's outdoor seating area
Beale's parking lot
Beale's Brewery and BBQ
Architectural Design, Construction Administration, DHR Process

About This Project

The Challenge: This adaptive reuse project involved the conversion of the abandoned Hampton Looms Woolen Mill use as a brewery and barbecue restaurant.

Client Ask: Client specifically requested a strong visual connection between the brewing process and the drinking experience. They also wanted the historic infrastructure of the building to shine.

Our Solution: The building was naturally lit, so we integrated the existing clear story to provide natural light to the tasting room and brewery. We created a large glass wall to allow a visual connection between the brewing area and the restaurant. We provided a large outdoor seating area while preserving the existing parking in the limited area. Our team successfully achieved ADA accessibility through the renovation, hid unnecessary modern conveniences to maintain guest experience, and used buildings on site to house mechanical equipment.