Wack General Contracting
Building Information
$3,500,000 Construction
43,000 Sq. Ft.

About This Project

Cornerstone worked with Wack General Contractor and each building tenant in Liberty Place mixed-use commercial building in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


1,830 square feet
This space serves as the flagship location for this innovative personal training fitness program, intended to move clients through the space to complete their workout in just 20 minutes. Energizing green accents pop against neutral floors and clean white walls in this boutique studio space.


6,326 square feet
The design intent was to create an industrial yet sophisticated open office suite, incorporating a neutral palette with polished concrete floors, open ceiling structure, and warm wood accents, to complement the client’s bold artwork and classic furniture. The statement lobby highlights the recently updated company branding, and serves as a built representation of their goal to advance the wealth management service industry into the future.


2,485 square feet
This compact office space incorporates an open office area, private offices, conference room, and break space for the SFLA team, as well as a soundproof recording studio for filming marketing videos. The interior fit out is youthful, with crisp finishes, and accents of the SFLA branded shade of purple throughout.