Brick Building Exterior at The Westie
Dog Mural in Hallway at The Westie
Apartment at The Westie
Aerial View of The Westie
Waukeshaw Development
Construction Documentation, Construction Administration
Project Information
41,000 Sq. Ft.

About This Project

Amherst school on Phelps St. turned apartments, The Westie, originally built circa 1925, started off as a high school before converting into Madison Heights Elementary School, in use until 1991. Once abandoned, it had gone through multiple fires. Its brick & CMU structure survived, however, the wooden floors and steel roof suffered some damage, causing part of the floor to collapse and plant life to grow inside the cafeteria/auditorium space due to the excess moisture. Our client, Waukeshaw Development, saw great potential in the school, and working with DHR, we designed 41 apartments to fit into the former classrooms, offices, the cafeteria/auditorium, and the kitchen. After repairing or replacing structural elements, we also retained historic features like the glazed tile wainscoting in the hallways, the chalkboards, and what was left of the hardwood flooring. With a mix of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments, amenities include pet-friendly spaces, like a dog wash station and pet pick-up stations on site.