2016 Design-Build Merit Award

Congratulations to Royce Construction Services and to one of our very talented certified interior designers, Audra Powell! Cornerstone Architects received a Design-Build Merit Award from the Design-Build Institute of America (Mid-Atlantic Region) for our work on the Kenner Army Health Clinic, project titled "Building 8200 Renovation." The Administrative Building #8200 is located on the Fort [...]

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Creative Design on a Creative Budget

UMFS, a well-established, non-profit organization wanted to provide a new environment for their IT and Innovation Groups that offers various types of workspaces. Although the budget was limited, buzzwords like open plan, sit to stand, and huddle areas proved too popular for the client to resist incorporating into their administrative areas.  After a shift in departments, space [...]

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New Dining Space for HDH Physicians

To help combat the daily stress of busy schedules, HDH wanted to provide a space for their Forest Campus physician’s to nourish, recharge, and relax. The new Physician’s Dining, Serving, and Lounge areas accomplish this through its design and finishes. During the design phase, we worked closely with the hospital to create a Service Area [...]

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