When the Children’s Hospital of Richmond Pavilion first opened its doors in March of 2016, approximately 6,400 SF of the first-floor facing Broad Street had yet to be filled.  VCU Health programmed the space for retail and gave us a call.

First up was the new Gift Shop and Pharmacy.  This project’s planning and design phases proved challenging as the functions and needs of each space were completely opposing.  We met with users from both spaces to gather every specific requirement.

Approximately 2,800 SF was built-out for the Gift Shop.  The large windows that front Broad Street provide an ideal setting for displaying retail merchandise.  During the day, the colorful design scheme (that playfully reinforces the Hospital’s brand) is a great attention-grabber.  At night, the Gift Shop’s interior lighting creates a beacon for the Hospital at this corner of the building.

After meeting with the Pharmacy team members, we designed approximately 1,040 SF of space that not only met the necessary size requirements but also provided enough efficiency and privacy to enable the type of interaction expected of patients and coworkers.  Working closely with the fixtures vendor, we coordinated drawings and layouts of the casework using a color palette of complementary neutral tones.  The front drop-off and pick-up counter’s vibrant design scheme marries seamlessly with the open retail floor.  A concealed roll-down gate provides security before and after the Pharmacy’s hours of operation.  The Gift Shop and Pharmacy opened its doors to guests in October of 2017.

Finally, VCU Health wished to complement the CHoRP’s many amenities with a Cafe where visitors can make a quick stop for food and beverages.  Carrying over elements from the adjacent Gift Shop, we designed a very attractive space complete with durable finishes, to include ceramic tile, plastic laminate, and vinyl wall protection.  Achieving synergy between the CHoRP’s colorways and the kitchen/casework vendors’ installs required a great deal of coordination.  In order to accommodate each of the Cafe’s features, it was necessary for every discipline involved in the design process to work synchronously.  Constant communication was crucial for the successful completion of this project.  The Cafe began it’s service operations in March of 2018 and has already become a hot spot for Hospital guests and staff members.

Our hats off to Amanda Monger (Project Manager and Lead Interior Designer of both projects) for a job very well done.